TORPEDO I Full Kit - Priority Mail only!

** New - See the Torpedo review on headphonia.com!! **
NOTE: Review is early, pre-tweaks version.

** New - See the E90CC tubes now recommended!! **

Why has the price increased?
Beezar has been selling the Torpedo at a loss since the beginning. We did this because the amplifier persisted in a slight power supply noise (hum). With the latest tweaks (included in all kits), the Torpedo is completely noise-free and with the E90CC, is superior to many higher-priced tube amplifiers.

This is it! The TORPEDO parafeed headphone amplifier. ECP Audio's Dsavitsk has created something totally unique in the DIY world of headphone audio. For the first time, a true output-transformer-coupled tube headphone amplifier completely designed and built with a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Full details and building construction may be found on the TORPEDO website or on Head-Fi.org in the Dsavitsk/Beezar Torpedo Build Thread.

The ECP AudioTorpedo uses a unique aspect ratio and a custom Beezar/Context extruded and machined case as the basis for its design. This minimizes potential flux interaction between the power and output transformers and gives the amplifier its unique "Torpedo" look.

In another stroke of genius, ECP Audio designed the parafeed tube amp to utilize the ubiquitous and truly inexpensive 6J6 tubes ($2 and sometimes less!). In the same family of tubes as the 19J6 used on the famous Starving Student Millett Hybrid (SSMH), the 6J6 tube and its equivalents exists in the tens of thousands world-wide. Unlike the SSMH, the Torpedo design will not run out of tubes! Besides the 6J6, Beezar will even stock two more tubes that are functional equivalents for tube rolling in the Torpedo - the 5964 and 5844. Beezar has over 1,500 tubes in stock for the Torpedo! There are many, many other tube types that will work, too. Refer to the Torpedo website for a full list.

More recently, Beezar has discovered the 5920/E90CC tubes for the Torpedo. These tubes place the Torpedo at a higher level of performance than any 6J6-variant. Detail is greater and background is blacker. We have not found a better tube to put into the Torpedo.

Please note that the Torpedo's PCB, custom-wound Edcor transformers, and the Beezar/Context custom-machined, black-anodized, and laser-etched case are not available anywhere except at Beezar. The case is particularly unique because it is extruded at a special 14" length that is not standard stock.

Note: The Torpedo can be easily configured for 120V or 220V supply. Because of that potential choice, Beezar sells both US-domestic and European standard power cords with the kit. Please be sure to make your selection below for the correct power cord that you need.

The Torpedo Full Kit includes the following:
  • 14" long, 2oz copper, ECP Audio-designed Torpedo PCB
  • Custom-wound Edcor transformers - one power transformer and two output transformers
  • Beezar/Context custom extruded, machined, black-anodzied, and laser-etched aluminum case - 14" long.
  • *NEW* Two pairs of 6J6 tubes, tested and matched
  • Hammond choke
  • Genuine Alps RK27 50K volume pot
  • Neutrik headphone jack
  • Gold-pin 7-pin ceramic PCB tube sockets
  • Solen 4.7uf 400V film capacitors
  • IEC inlet with fuse drawer and two fuses (one spare)
  • Beezar heat sink kits
  • Vishay-Dale resistors where 1/4W and 1/2W are sufficient, metal-film resistors elsewhere
  • Complete (extensive) hardware kit for the Beezar/Lansing case and Torpedo components
Complete support for assembling the Torpedo can be found here: http://www.diyforums.org/Torpedo

This amplifier is a true tube amp and runs at typical tube voltages. Voltages exceed 200V inside the amp. Neither Beezar LLC and its subsidiary, Beezar.com, nor ECP Audio (ECP LLC) are responsible for improper construction. Instruction for the correct and safe way to build and operate this amplifier are shown on the Head-Fi.org thread referenced above and at the Torpedo website

Available Options:

Power Cord, 6 ft 18AWG:

Torpedo Tubes:

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