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The Soundwerx Designs DoodleBug Kit

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DoodleBug by Soundwerx and Beezar

Do you have or enjoy listening to a USB-powered DAC? Ever had it get knocked off-line? Does it sound worse in your corporate-environment single-PC docking station? Ever wonder why your USB-powered DAC may not sound as good as a top-level DAC?

It could be that you need to isolate the USB connection and add a linear-regulated power supply. The DoodleBug provides both and will improve the performance of almost any USB-powered device. The DoodleBug uses Analog Devices' ADuM3160 chip to provide complete USB isolation at Full Speed USB 1.1 and 2.0 standard streams. In addition, a fully linear-regulating power supply - based on the venerable LM317 but updated with super-low-noise LEDs.

Simpler devices will benefit from the quiet power supply and USB isolation. Knock-offs are almost non-existent. Those that occur have more to do with the hand-shaking when you first power up or connect the DoodleBug. After that, the more potential your device has (better design, multiple regulated voltage sources), the more the DoodleBug will improve it. For instance, performance with the PupDAC is simply amazing! Full details and comparative testing can be found at the DoodleBug website: www.diyforums.org/Doodlebug

This is it! The kit for the Soundwerx Designs DoodleBug! The DoodleBug has been in various stages of development since mid-to-late 2013 - finally culminating in the design you see here! No other DIY (Do-It-Yourself) USB Isolation and Linear-Regulation design has been vetted as extensively as the DoodleBug. Designed for the Hammond 1455-series C801 case, Beezar has a custom-machined, anodized, and laser-etched case ready to go for your completed DoodleBug kit. Everything needed to complete a DoodleBug and enclosure - other than tools and solder - is included:
  • Soundwerx Designs DoodleBug PCB
  • Beezar-produced parts kit
  • Beezar-Hammond custom-machined, anodized, and hand-tapped 1455C801 case
  • Triad WDU9-500 9VDC, 500ma walwart (unregulated) - Delete below if you supply your own!
Kit Features:
  • Parts are complete and provided in a bagged kit.
  • Beezar-Hammond custom machined, anodized, and laser-etched case. Hand-tapped for 6-32 cap screws; matching red anodized aluminum socket-head cap screws included (4 at 6-32 x 1/2"). No drilling of any sort required!
  • High-quality, 1 oz copper, 0.062" FRP, electrically-tested PCB.
Technical features:
  • Analog Devices' USB isolation chip - the ADuM3160. This chip has UL 1577 recognition of withstanding 2500V rms for up to 1 minute and transient immunity of over 25kV per micro-second!
  • LM317 voltage regulation, but with super-low-noise LEDs used to set the voltage parameters instead of resistors!
  • Ability to set the voltage to the USB standard maximum of 5.25VDC. No more regulators being starved of voltage headroom on your USB devices! Improved overall performance results for almost any USB device.
  • 0.5A operational current capability, with tweaks - up to 1.5A.
  • Compatible with any USB standard device, no drivers are necessary.
The PCB design is a mix of SMD and through-hole components, but the SMD is large at 1206 and the ADuM chip itself has a very wide pin spacing and uses large pins. We believe that with proper tools and SMD tutorials, it may even be suitable as a first DIY project. Beezar has created one of the most detailed and well-documented websites available for building instructions: www.diyforums.org/Doodlebug

The default wall power adapter supplied with the DoodleBug kit is a high-quality, Triad unregulated 9VDC, 500ma walwart. It will provide at least 5.2VDC of linear-regulated power under most scenarios. Please select the option to delete the walwart if you wish to provide your own supply. AC is the most flexible, but DC will work if you ensure that it's unregulated (as is the kit default Triad 9VDC walwart). Refer to the DoodleBug website under "Tweaks" for further details ...

Get yours today!

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