TORPEDO III Assembled!
Only 1 more T3 now available (8/6/2017) - last one!!

** Note: Priority Mail, UPS or FedEx only! **

***NOTE: All ECP/Beezar Audio approved upgrades/tweaks are installed on this final Torpedo III. First 5 photos are of the actual amplifier, showing all of the tweaks installed! ***
  • Cinemag nickel-core output transformers
  • Mundorf MCap Aluminum-Silver Parafeed Capacitors
  • Tube CCS boards
  • Output CCS boards

This is it! The TORPEDO III differential hybrid parafeed headphone amplifier, custom built by Beezar's TomB. Created by ECP Audio's Dsavitsk, the Torpedo III continues in the tradition of the Torpedo with a totally unique design in the world of headphone audio. The Torpedo III combines tubes with a fully differential solid-state output, all feeding into output transformers for a single-ended, zero-feedback output. The result is a truly world-class amplifier..

Why a fully differential circuit but single-ended on the output?
Amswer: Because circuit/device distortion is fully cancelled out by the solid-state output portion of the circuit. At the same time, combining the solid-state output with the tubes results in more power than would be available simply from the tubes. The output transformers assist with this, ensuring that ample current and voltage are available, regardless of the impedance of the load.

Full details and building construction may be found on the TORPEDO III website or on Head-Fi.org in the Torpedo III Build Thread.

** Note: Because these are hand-built by TomB, stock will be very limited and variable. Beezar will not sell a Torpedo III Assembled unless it is in stock! **

The Beezar/ECP Audio Torpedo III uses a unique aspect ratio and a custom Beezar-Context extruded and machined case as the basis for its design. This minimizes potential flux interaction between the power and output transformers and gives the amplifier its unique "Torpedo" look.

ECP Audio also designed the differential hybrid parafeed tube amp to utilize the ubiquitous 12A*7 audio tube family. Specifically, the Torpedo III is designed for the 12AY7 tube, but others can be used that meet the general 12AT/U/V/X/Y/Z/7 tube specifications. There are many, many other tube types that will work, too. Refer to the Torpedo III website for a list.

The Torpedo III includes a "Z" switch that allows switching between low and high-impedance loads (32 to 300 ohms). This switch may be thrown at any time - even while music is playing and headphones are plugged in. Note also that with a true, output-transformer-coupled amp, there is no need for any kind of power-on or power-off protection.

Note: The Torpedo Built is available in 120V or 220V supply, simply specify which is desired. A power cord is provided for either US or International (CEE 7/7).

The Torpedo Built includes the following:
  • 14" long, 2oz copper, ECP Audio-designed Torpedo PCB. Custom construction by Beezar's TomB includes complete wicking using 63/37 on all solder joints. The PCB is also thoroughly rinsed of flux residue to promote longevity.
  • Custom-wound Edcor power transformer and high-performance, audiophile Cinemag output transformers
  • One pair of ECP Audio Tube CCS custom boards
  • One quad of ECP Audio Output CCS custom boards
  • Audiophile-quality Mundorf M-Cap Aluminum-Oil parafeed capacitors
  • Beezar-Context custom extruded, machined, black-anodzied, and laser-etched aluminum case - 14" long.
  • 5 pairs of tested and matched tubes, including a pair of gold-pin EH 12AT7s, a total value of over $120!
  • Genuine Alps "Blue Velvet" RK27 50K volume pot
  • Neutrik headphone jack
  • Gold-pin 9-pin ceramic PCB tube sockets
  • IEC inlet with fuse drawer and two fuses (one spare)
  • Metal film resistors used throughout, with Vishay-Dale resistors where 1/4W and 1/2W are sufficient
  • 30mm solid aluminum volume knob
  • 4-40 socket head cap screws with full complement of washers/lock washers used throughout.
  • Bondhus hex wrench provided for the hex-flat-head case screws
Complete info on how the Torpedo III is assembled, tubes, and design details can be found here: http://www.diyforums.org/Torpedo-III

  • Frequency Response: + or - 0.3dB from 20 - 15KHz, -1dB at 20KHz
  • S/N Ratio: greater than 95dB with 32 ohm loads
  • THD, %: Less than 0.037% with 300 ohm load, less than 0.06% with 32 ohm load
  • Crosstalk: better than 95dB with 32 ohm load, 86dB with 32 ohm load
Also, please understand that this is essentially an assembled DIY-product. The custom machined, laser-etched case is of very high quality. The case is produced as a custom extrusion with custom machining from Context Engineering in California. Anodizing and laser-etching is performed through local craftsman in the Atlanta area. Nevertheless, it does not have some of the whiz-bang, highly-marketed machining and finishes you see on many imported commercial amplifiers. There may be small scratches, slight tooling marks, etc. Performance is the primary goal. The highest quality is what's inside, not outside.

This amplifier is a true tube amp and runs at typical tube voltages. Voltages exceed 200V inside the amp. Neither Beezar LLC and its subsidiary, Beezar.com, nor ECP Audio (ECP LLC) are responsible for improper operation. Instruction for the correct and safe way to build and/or operate this amplifier are shown on the Head-Fi.org thread referenced above and at the Torpedo III website

Available Options:

Power Cord, 6 ft 18AWG:

Power LED:

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